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Formed in 2019 Untamed Silence delivers a unique blend of Heavy Rock with hints of Prog and Metal creating a defined signature sound. Driven by melodic female vocals, thundering drums, bouncing energetic guitar work, expressive instrumental sections injected with dark ambient synth/samples, Untamed Silence produces explosive live performances and immersive studio recordings.


Recording in 2019 at SubZero Studios with some of Debbie and Nige's first musical concepts experimented in the studio - it was soon apparent that a monumental new sound was taking shape but with Lockdown looming a more organic approach was developed with the musicians doing much of their work separately at home and sharing demo ideas online. Proper rehearsals began in the summer of 2021 with a strong emphasis on creating a more immersive live sound incorporating narrations, samples, ambient and hypnotic background synths producing a darker edge to their performance. Developing a full soundscape was seen as a key element to the writing and production, always looking for new and innovative techniques in the studio towards creating a truly huge studio and live sound, full of all the subtle nuances that compel the listener to dig deeper. Debbie Wade's powerful and soulful vocals (often compared to Debbie Harry, Stevie Nicks, Pat Benetar among others) as well as an uncanny ability to write heart-wrenchingly emotive lyrics and unforgettable melodies; Wade uncompromisingly writes from self experience and thus a sometimes disturbingly honest and brutally visceral accounts of love, loss and ultimate redemption. This kind of songwriting / storytelling can be uncomfortable subject-matter for some but is also positive and cathartic as she explores the depths of human depravity, kindness, emotion that only a genuine survivor can with this kind of conviction and authenticity… 

Welcome to the Untamed Silence. 


The first release of an Untamed Silence track was 'The Game' - a no-nonsense, rock foot-tapper with searing guitars, synths and uplifting sing-along chorus - brought an immediate and hugely positive response on Social Media to the tune of 21k streams (to date) and then also followed with the release of tracks 'Roses' - a monstrously heavy but sensitive rock-ballad and also  'Dead Speak' - an explosive drum-laden heavy blues  - both of which received a similar reception.


Their first full-blown shows were in October 2021 to good reception and began to reveal the potential that this band was, not just a Lockdown recording project but also a very serious live act. The collective experience of these musicians shining through in what are very tight, professional performances coupled with very coherent sound production, immersive lighting and ambient effects the band quickly realised that their energy, stage presence and creative image were perfect for taking out in front of very large live audiences. This was confirmed when Untamed Silence was asked to support heavy metal legends Saxon on their UK tour - categorically proving that their performances are worthy of large audience receptions. With their immediately accessible yet tight and aggressive performances gaining good support from fans and reaching a wide ranging audience from hardened Metal to newer fans alike, an Untamed Silence show can easily demonstrate their ability to entertain a very large crowd and are clearly more than just a warm-up act. The tour brought not just a wealth of vital experience but also a gold mine of promotional material including videos of their performances, great looking stills shots glowing reviews and an ever expanding fan-base; doubling the number of social media subscriptions and downloads overnight.

Their next immediate project will be the long awaited release of an EP and also filming of full length music videos. Untamed Silence has also been invited to play at Planet Rock’s Winter’s End festival in South Wales in February 2023

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