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Dave's Gear Rundown

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

I don't spend a lot of time worrying about guitar tone these days. I just go with what works. My early Mesa Dual Rec sounds great straight out of the box and I go totally bareback with the signal - no overdrive or booster in the path - keep it pure as poss and let the tubes and tone-stack do their thing. Also can't be bothered with digital multi-effects either - (although I do still have a soft spot for the original G-Major). Right now I just use a Boss CE-300 (rack version of the classic CE-3) for a bit of sparkle and sometimes a wah pedal but the only other thing in my rack is a Korg tuner! The Mesa responds well to just about any guitar you can plug into it: the active EMGs in my Epiphone Gothic sound monster-huge, well defined and never muddy. I love the break-up and they always record really well too. Also the neck pick-ups on my Strat are especially lively and full of tonal surprises. I don't buy expensive guitars cos I never dare get them out of the case - instead, I buy shit second-hand guitars and replace the stock pick-ups/hardware with much better aftermarket units of my choice. That way I can move the parts on with me when the guitar gives up and I don't have to worry about damage so much. Use an EV loaded Thiele cab for practice / recording but a V30 4x12 is much more fun for backline! Let's rock.

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