Untamed Silence

Formed in 2019 Untamed Silence delivers a unique blend of Heavy Rock with hints of Prog, Metal and Psych-Blues creating a precisely defined signature sound. Driven by melodic female vocals, thundering drums and bouncing energetic guitar work Untamed Silence produce explosive live performances and immersive studio recordings.

Coming from a background in performing arts, extensive group/solo performance and a wealth of recording experience Debbie Wade brings powerful and soulful vocals (often compared to Debbie Harry, Stevie Nicks, Pat Benetar among others) as well as an uncanny ability to write heart-wrenchingly emotive lyrics and unforgettable melodies. Heavily influenced by female rock artistes such as Skunk Anansie, Alanis Morrissette and KD Lang, Debbie's imaginative, off-the-wall yet compellingly engaging song-writing draw the listener deep into a melancholic, uncomfortable, abusive and yet strangely heartwarming and positive experience.

Local lad Ryan Smith has been playing the drums for a relatively short time however he already has developed the power, timing and honed chops of a well-seasoned professional session drummer. Inspired by the heavy stomping of the likes of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Metallica this stick-man's live and studio performances lay down the solid floor that is the music producer's dream to build upon.

Studio engineer, producer, musician and general all round 'leg-man' Nigel Bennion needs no introduction. Keen attention to detail, uncompromising production techniques and a solid pragmatism to studio engineering as well as years of experience as a musician, song-writer and gig promoter have found culmination in this project. Well versed in virtually every kind of Rock music sound from the likes of Sabbath Black Metal to Muse's Indie-rock Psych, his many influences spill over into the writing and production of Untamed Silence and will keep the listener on their toes as the music slips seamlessly between differing genres, concepts and soundscapes.

Flamboyant, blues/metal bad-boy David Jones earned his stripes the hard way through endless years of gigging and studio recording. Hired for his solid but flexible approach to writing/recording, he brings a "tight but loose" feel to Untamed Silence ensuring the overall production is professional but never loses the fun laid back feel of what a high energy Blues Rock band should be delivering. Always experimental, his 'never use the same guitar sound twice' approach keeps each track new sounding fresh and the fun and inspiration found in the recording of these tracks hopefully can be felt in their music.

Put yourself in the domain of the lost and the forgotten, of the fragile and the broken.

This is the unsung lament of the heartbroken, the unspeakable torment of the abused and betrayed.

This is the silent rage within that can only rise and never be crushed.

Here we find our strength and can release the anger.

This is the Untamed Silence.